I wonder if your reaction was the same as mine when you heard Scott Speed had been fined $5000 for using abusive language during the stewards' hearing after the Australian GP? "Yay! F1 has its own John McEnroe! Er, except without ...Read More

Over the past couple of years most F1 drivers appear to have been the subjects of highly successful charisma bypass surgery; being by and large unforgivably drab and giving precious little entertainment out of the car. This year, however, looks like ...Read More

You've got to feel sorry for Renault, who had the temerity to make noises about Ferrari's 'flexi' wings: so the FIA went and put Renault under scrutiny instead... D'OH! Then other teams 'revised' their wings after the FIA started tutting ...Read More

For 2006, despite many great suggestions in F1 magazines and websites, the FIA went and introduced one of the most bizarre Qualifying sessions imaginable. (Even after conducting a huge web survey hilariously saying they wanted to listen to fans...) Although it ...Read More