Balanced and unbiased F1 cynicism and bile, disguised as comment and delivered to your PC weekly…

Essentially this site is an online archive of all Teletext’s “Motor Mouth” columns. These appear on Teletext’s digital TV services in the UK – go to ITV1 (on Sky or Freeview) and press TEXT on your remote….
Teletext runs an F1 Extra section throughout the Formula One season and “Motor Mouth”, along with a skewed news in brief section “Kitty Litter” supplement the array of hard news and stats with a more colourful, pointy-stick-poking angle on the F1 world, appearing weekly – race or no race.

I actually fancied having a really absurd, ludicrously flashy motorsport type name, but sadly both Penelope Pitstop and Scott Speed are already in use, so I went for “Motor Mouth” instead: what else would you call an F1 grumpypants with anger management issues?

The columns are weekly, and always appear on Teletext on ITV1 (in the UK on digital TV) – though they’re not necessarily about the events of the week. They’re more of an ongoing, ill-tempered set of mutterings about F1 in general with the odd bit of relevance – something like spending an afternoon in the Max Mosley Sunshine Home for the Terminally Bewildered.

“Motor Mouth” columns are posted online after they have been shown on digital TV, so if you want to read them as soon as they come out, then move to the UK, get digital TV and go to ITV1, press TEXT and go to page 590.

I hope you’ll like the columns, and that even if we’re not totally in agreement, we’re at least on the same wavelength.
Enjoy the season, whoever you support,